Apple to Launch New iPods Around July 14

Apple is planning on releasing new iPod models around July 14, says French site iGen. A few weeks ago we reported that with iTunes 12.2, there were three newly colored iPods that we’ve never seen before. That hinted us towards new iPod updates coming soon, however we didn’t know when.

Apple is rumored to be releasing new iPod touch, iPod nano, and iPod shuffle models. In the pictures we didn’t see anything new design wise. Thus, we’re more likely to see new colors only.

After some digging, users were able to discover six new iPod colors. Those are silver, pink, tan, blue, gray, and red. Apple already has some with similar colors. However, there are slight differences.

According to the site, we’re likely going to see these new models come some time around July 14. Apple does like Monday’s so we could also see them then as well. We’ll be sure the let you know when the new models are released.

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