No iPhone 6c Expected in 2015

According to analyst Timothy Arcuri, Apple appears to have dropped plans for an iPhone 6c. Arcuri says that supply chain evidence suggests that any trace of the new budget phone disappeared around March.

We’re not sure if Apple has either delayed or dropped the 6c. Some suggest that it could be because the iPhone 6 did so well that Apple doesn’t want something else to compete with the iPhone 6s. Plus, the older iPhone 6 will be the same price as the iPhone 6c. Most would just go for the older iPhone 6, rather than a plastic 6c.

Famous Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said back in April that it’s unlikely we’ll see an iPhone 6c. A little after that new rumors of the 6c surfaced. Then he came back and said that Apple will launch a new 4-inch iPhone with Apple Pay in 2016.

Source: Business Insider

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