Apple Adds 20 New Flyover Locations

Apple has today added 20 new Flyover locations. These are located all around the world, and are:

– Graz, Austria

– Aarhus, Denmark

– Rotterdam, Netherlands

– Bobbio, Italy

– Turin, Italy

– Budapest, Hungary

– Cádiz, Spain

– Chenonxeaux, France

– Dijon, France

– Millau, France

– Nice, France

– Strasbourg, France

– Omaha Beach

– Ensenada, Mexico

– Loreto, Mexico

– Gothenburg, Sweden

– Malmö, Sweden

– Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

– Sapporo, Japan

Rapid City, SD

These new Flyover locations can ben accessed from the Maps app in OS X (10.9+) or iOS (iOS 6+).

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