Add Paddle Framework to Mac Apps

In this video we show you how to implement the Paddle framework for analytics into Mac apps (in and out of Mac App Store). This will allow you to track simple analytics, and open doors like more advanced analytics. Watch it here:

Read the documentation here.


  1. Sign up at
  2. Copy framework to app in Xcode
  3. Add WebKit under “Link Binary With Libraries” (Outside of MAS only)
  4. Create new Copy Files Phase
  5. Set Destination to Frameworks
  6. Copy Paddle framework to phase
  7. Add #import <Paddle/Paddle.h> to AppDelegate.h
  8. Add the following under applicationDidFinishLaunching

Paddle *paddle = [Paddle sharedInstance];

[paddle setProductId:@“491452”];

[paddle setVendorId:@“389”];

[paddle setApiKey:@“e804e5ba7480af14e596d0272031bc01”];

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