Images Confirm iPhone 6s Force Touch

What is alleged to be the front panel of the upcoming iPhone 6s has now been revealed in new photos. According to pictures obtained by MacRumors, the new display could support Force Touch. This new feature has been a rumor going around for a while now, but it seems to have been confirmed in these new images. There is a small rectangle at the top of the display. We’re not sure what that’s for, but it has been present in every leaked picture so far. According to sources, that has something to do with Force Touch, hinting towards that coming with the iPhone 6s.

Sources also say that this new display component is slightly thicker and heavier than the one for the iPhone 6. That could be another indication that Force Touch is coming. This could be a really neat little feature. So far we love it with the Apple Watch and MacBook and can’t wait for it to come to iPhone.

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