iPhone 6s Measures Larger than iPhone 6

New images obtained my MacRumors show what they claim is an iPhone 6s. According to the article, the shell for the upcoming phone measures slightly thicker, taller, and wider than the current iPhone. As for thickness, the iPhone 6s measures in at 7.08 mm, where the current model is 6.9 mm thick. The 6s is also wider, coming in at 67.68 mm wide, compared to 67 mm of the iPhone 6. Finally, it’s slightly taller. This new iPhone comes in at 138.19 mm, compared to 138.1 mm from the current iPhone.

While these changes are not huge, they still are something to note. We knew from the beginning that the iPhone 6s would be larger in every way. Apple had to do something about the phone bending, and all of this hints towards the use of 700 series aluminum. This is found on the Apple Watch Sport, which is stronger and more durable. Right now the iPhone 6 uses 6000 series aluminum, which is partly why it’s bending. Right now we’re not sure if the camera is still going to stick out or not, but it seems like it still will. Apple didn’t make the iPhone 6s thick enough to be able to fit everything in, so we still might see some tipsy phones for a while.

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