Media Event Recap: iPhone 6s

The highlight of today’s event was the iPhone 6s. Every other year Apple announces a smaller, incremental update to the iPhone, and this was a smaller update. This year we find some great new features as well as the same great features from the iPhone 6. The overall design wasn’t changed, but still looks great.

First, we have Force Touch. This was first found on the Apple Watch and then the MacBook and MacBook Pro. By pressing harder on the screen you can access different menus, which can be added within apps by developers using Apple’s new Force Touch SDK.

Because of the new Force Touch panel, the device is slightly thicker. In fact, it comes in at .28 inches thick, 5.44 inches tall, and 2.64 inches wide. All of the dimensions are the same, except for the thickness.

There’s some other internal changes, like the new A9 processor, M9 motion coprocessor, and an improved 12-megapixel rear camera with 4K video.

While it won’t really be noticed, this new iPhone uses 7000 Series aluminum. It’s slightly thicker and stronger than the 6000 Series aluminum used in the iPhone 6. It’s also the material used in the Apple Watch Sport. This is done to fix the bending issue. Because it’s thicker and stronger, there will not be any more bend… hopefully.

The iPhone 6s in available in now four colors: Space Gray, Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold. Previous rumors stated that we might see a new gold color and we did. This matches the Rose Gold color of the Apple Watch Edition (if anyone even has one of those). Like last year, it’s comes in three different GB variants: 16 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB. There’s still no 32 GB size, but at least the price wasn’t raised.

The iPhone 6s will be available for pre-order this Saturday, September 12. It’ll launch Friday, September 25 in store and online. Those who pre-order it within a few minutes of being available should also get it launch day.

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