Media Event Recap: Apple Watch

Apple today briefly touched on the Apple Watch, providing some new updates to the Sport and Classic line. First, the Space Gray Apple Watch Classic will now be available in a sport band. You don’t have to spend upwards of $1000 to get that case color.

As for the Sport, there are two new case colors. On top of silver and space gray, you can now pick from a gold or rose gold finish. The new Classic Sport colors and are available for purchase today.

There are a few updates in the band department. Apple announced that they have partnered with Hermes to create new leather bands. Those will be coming out in October. There are also a few new Sport bands. Apple didn’t give a release date or even new color options, but they are suppose to darker and more toned down colors. These new sport bands will come out sometime in the Spring. However a new red sport band should be out today.

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