Media Event Recap: iPad Pro

One of the most interesting things that Apple announced today was the iPad Pro. This has been rumored for a long time now and has finally been announced. There’s tons of power packed into this iPad. First, let’s start with the operating system. The iPad Pro isn’t running OS X or some new operating system. It’s still running iOS. However, we find that fine because the new multitasking feature makes it work pretty good.

Inside is a new A9X chip, along with the M9 motion coprocessor. The A9X brings huge graphics performance over the A9 chip in the new iPhones. In fact, it’s 90% better in graphics than a Windows laptop. This allows users to run iMovie on there with desktop-like performance.

The screen itself is really amazing as well. It measures in at 12.9 inches and has a resolution of 2732×2048. This calculates to 5.6 million pixels. That’s a better resolution that the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro.

Since this is a great video machine you’ll need some good speakers. That’s why Apple equipped it with two speakers. One on the bottom of the iPad and one on the top. This is going to replace some people’s laptop, but we still love keyboards. That’s why Apple is offering a keyboard case. For $169 you can get a keyboard to go along with the iPad Pro. Instead of Bluetooth, Apple’s keyboard case will interact through their “Smart Connector”. Apple has also created a stylus for the iPad Pro. It’s called the Apple Pencil and can do some pretty cool things. There’s sensors inside, which allow you to press harder on the screen and the Pencil will react. For example, if you’re drawing, the harder you press the darker and thicker the line will be. The Apple Pencil costs $99.

All three items will be available for purchase starting in November. The iPad Pro starts at $799 and can go to $1079 for the 128 GB cellular model.

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