Media Event Recap: New Apple TV

Apple hasn’t refreshed their Apple TV in nearly three years time. During the Apple September Special Event, they introduced the next generation Apple TV. The major focus on the new product is apps. Competing with NVIDIA Shield, Amazon Fire TV, and other Smart TV Boxes, Apple created the all-new App Store designed for Apple TV and for developers to create apps for the big screen.


Classic hits from iOS such as Crossy Road came to the new Apple TV as well as new games that use the new remote gestures. The redesigned remote is not just a motion controller but it has an integrated Siri button as well as a touchpad to smoothly scroll through the new OS, named tvOS.


Siri is a great way to navigate through the system, helping you to switch apps, fast forward through movie playback, finding new shows and more. Siri is integrated through the whole OS. Not just the home screen. But on playback and apps. tvOS is a fresh new look for Apple TV, giving it a new white background and great animations that work with the trackpad. It is a lot faster and more features compared to the past generation Apple TV

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However, more power means compromises. The Apple TV has slightly increased in thickness. 

So, that’s the new Apple TV that was announced as well as the new iPad Pro and iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. It packs a great punch and will have a variety of apps in the App Store soon. 




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