Apple Releases iOS 9

After months of beta testing and six developer betas later, Apple has now released iOS 9 to the public. To update you can go to Settings > General > Software Update > iOS 9. Note that you will need at least 1.3GB free in order to download and install. We’ve made a whole video on how to prepare for iOS 9, which you can view below.

iOS 9 can be run on an iPhone 4S or newer, iPad 2 or newer, all iPad mini models, and iPod touch 5 or newer.
This update brings smaller features, but are still pretty cool. Most noticeable is the new wallpapers. But as for the features, we have a new search screen to the left of the first page of apps. That features your top contacts, apps, places near by, and the latest news. We also see a new News app. Similar to Flipboard, you can read news and add sites to your favorites. If you’re on an iPad there’s a new feature called Slide Over. You can swipe in from the right side and run two apps at once. Finally, the keyboard has some new keys. The letters now change if you’re writing in upper or lower case. That’s pretty cool. You can learn more about iOS 9 here.

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