You Might Want to Think Twice Before Paying for a Safari Ad Blocker

With iOS 9 Apple finally added Content Blockers for Safari. This means that apps you now help you block ads in Safari. There’s many popular ad blocking options on the App Store, many of which paid. However, you might want to think twice before dishing out a few bucks on one of these. First, why would you pay to remove paid content? If you hate ads that much you certainly can, however there are many different free options in the App Store. They may now work as well, but at least they are free.

Second, ads can still show up. Popular content blocker “Crystal” announced that companies can pay them to have their ads show up on pages. That is a paid app and you’ll still see ads if a company pays Crystal to have their ads show up.

Finally, these can detect everything as an ad. If you’re shopping on a website, some apps may think that it’s all an ad and remove everything. That has happened to some users. Luckily, you can whitelist those pages if you app supports it or you can just disable it while you shop.

We’re not trying to tell you to stay away from paid content blockers. We just recommend checking out a free option first and seeing if this is what you really want. Paid ones will work better and if you’re sure they’re not getting paid to show you ads or have some major issues like removing an entire site, then go ahead and buy one. We’re also not telling you to stay away from Crystal. It’s a great app but we just thought that you might want to be aware of that first.

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