Alert: Your Apple Music Trial May be Expiring Soon

Apple has been so generous to give you three months free of Apple Music. However, you’ve likely forgotten that your trial is almost up if you subscribed the first day. Many users got an email and notification that their Apple Music trial will end tomorrow. It’s been a great free three months, but if you’re all for or not for Apple’s music service, here’s how to cancel/continue your subscription.

First, what if you want to cancel your subscription? Easy! Just go to Music > Click the profile icon in the top left > View Apple ID > Manage Subscriptions > Apple Music > Automatic Renewal > Off. Then, once your subscription of up, you’ll no longer have access the Apple Music.

What if you want to continue? Well, Apple already has your account to auto-renew. If you canceled that before and would like to start paying, just follow the steps above and this time click the subscribe button on the package that you want. All funds will first come from your iTunes credit, then if you don’t have enough, a credit card or PayPal.

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