Apple Launches Hermès Apple Watch Collection

Apple has today launched their Hermès Apple Watch. Back at their September 9 media event, Apple announced that they paired up with Hermès to create three new Apple Watches. This new collection includes three different bands and some unique watch faces. These new bands are not available on their own. Rather, you must buy a whole new watch. 

The new collection comes in nine different variations. There are three different band styles in a few different colors. For the very basic band and a stainless steel Apple Watch pricing starts at $1,100. The Double Tour band and watch cost $1,250 and the Cuff band and watch cost $1,500. 

These new watches are available in select Apple Retail Stores. They are not available everywhere, including online. You must go to a select store to get one of these. You can learn more about the Hermès collection here

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