Apple Now Selling Apple Watch Lugs for Third-Party Bands

Ever since the Apple Watch launched many were interested in customizing it with their own bands. However, unlike the Pebble, you cannot use a standard watch strap. You must use ones that have the propriety connector. Users noticed that the connector on the Classic Buckle can be removed and connected to another band and it will work.

Now, Apple has launched the exact same connectors that come with the Classic Buckle, just without the band. This is not being sold via their online store. Rather, it’s available for purchase from a third-party website, called Avnet. While not sold by Apple, these are real and were made by Apple.

These lugs are actually meant for band makers, so they can add these to their own bands and make straps for the Apple Watch. However, you can certainly get these and turn any regular strap into one that works with the Apple Watch.

These lugs are available for both the 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch. You can only buy them in sets of either 25 or 200, starting at about $9 per unit. Avnet is estimating a two week shipping estimate before they will be sent out.

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