Apple Launches New Generation Mac Accessories 

Apple has today launched a new Wireless Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2, and Magic Trackpad 2. These new accessories come five days after code confirmed the new accessories. Along with the new devices, Apple has also created a new price. All of these accessories cost much more than the previous generations. The keyboard now costs $99, with the Magic Trackpad costing $129. The Magic Mouse now costs $79. 

The new Wireless Keyboard got a pretty big redesign. It now features much more shallow keys similar to the MacBook. The images on the top keys are also new and simpler. It’s also now a solid piece of metal, rather than the thin slope of the previous generation. It also doesn’t have batteries. Rather, it has an internal battery that can be charged via a Lightning cable. 

The Magic Mouse 2 has the expect same design with a few internal changes. It now features a rechargeable internal battery and a new internal design with fewer moving parts.

Finally, the Magic Trackpad 2 has the most changes. Like the keyboard, it’s now a solid piece of metal rather than a thin piece of glass on a stand. It has 29% more surface area with edge to edge glass. It now includes a built in battery and Force Touch, which is why the price is driven up so much. 

These new accessories can be purchased from Apple’s Online Store or a retail store starting today. 

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