Here’s Why Apple Might Remove the Headphone Jack for Good

There’s been many rumors going around lately that Apple might get rid of the headphone jack for good. That first device reviving this update could very well be the iPhone 7, coming out September of 2016. Not everyone is happy about this change, having to carry around another adapter. But here’s why Apple might get rid of it.

1: To get rid of some bulk: Apple is constantly improving the iPhone with each major update every other year. Something that we see with nearly every update is a thinner device. In recent years Apple made the iPhone so thin that the headphone jack starts to creep on to the backs little. They’ve made the iPhone as thin as they possibly can while keeping the port. If removed, the device can slim down immensely, down to the thickness of the Lightning connector.

2: The Lightning connector already supports it: Believe it or not, the Lightning connector already supports the use of headphones via that port. There’s a few pares available now, but not many.

3: You’ll get better audio: With the headphone jack, audio needs to be compressed. It’s difficult to explain, but if you listen to music via the Lighting connector, audio will not be compressed, providing better quality. Apple is always looking for ways to improve things and this might be a way to improve audio quality via headphones.

Like it or not, we’ll likely see this from Apple. They have to make the device thinner and lighter and the only way to do this now is to remove the headphone jack. Sure, it means that you will need an adapter that will work with your old headphones, but it’ll be a nice change. Plus more earbuds and headphones will come on to the market to support this new feature. One downside is that they’ll likely raise the price. What do you think about this? Would you like having an iPhone without a headphone jack? Let us know in the comments!

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