Apple Launches Official Battery Case for iPhone 6s

Apple has today launched their very own battery case. There were no rumors of this case. No one knew anything about it until it launched this morning. The case is made of a different material than most other battery cases. It’s actually made of silicone. Most are made of plastic because with the battery weight, silicone can’t hold very well. However, Apple has done it in this case. The material is similar to those of other Apple accessories like the iPhone and iPad cases.

On the back we have a bump where the battery is. Apple tried to make this case as thin as possible. Most cases fill in the empty space around the battery. However, Apple just left that open, revealing a rather strange bump. We’re not sure if we like this or not. It’s nice that it makes the case a little thinner, but it will make the device very wobbly on a table.

The case for the iPhone 6s holds a battery that will give you 25 more hours of standby or 18 more hours of internet usage. They did not say exactly how large the battery is, nor how many times it will charge your device. However someone will find that out eventually.

This also isn’t any normal battery case. It interacts with your iPhone like no other. It will display a battery percentage of the case on the lock screen as well as in the notification center. Oddly, there’s no power button on the case. It doesn’t say anywhere on the website, but we’re guessing that it will be controlled using the widget on the lock screen and notification center. You can pick this case up for the iPhone 6 and 6s only. It’s not available for the iPhone 6s Plus right now. We don’t think that it will be coming to the larger iPhone since it has a bigger battery. This case costs $99 and comes in Charcoal Gray or White. You can buy it here.

Update: We have confirmed that there is no power switch. The case will start charging the device as soon as it is plugged into the case. We have also confirmed that it has a 1,877mAh battery. 

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