iPhone 7 Plus Could have up to 256GB of Storage

A recent rumor says that we could see a new storage option in the iPhone 7 Plus. Right now the iPhone comes in sizes up to 128GB. However, we might now see it come up to 256GB in the larger iPhone 7. There is no word on whether or not we’ll see it in the smaller iPhone 7.

One thing that we’re not sure of is the base capacity. Whether Apple will stick with the 16GB minimum is still unknown. We sure do hope that they raise it up to 32GB, since no one can really work with 16.

The rumor also states that the battery will contain 3,100 mAh. This is a little over 12% larger than the one in the iPhone 6s Plus. Again, no word on what the size will be for the iPhone 7, just the 7 Plus.

Source: MyDrivers

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