CES 2016: DJI Announces Cheaper 4K Drone

Popular drone maker DJI has just unveiled a new, cheaper drone that records up to 4K video. Previously, from the Phantom line, the Phantom 3 Professional was the only drone that could record in 4K. All others were limited to 2.5K (slightly above 1080p). Now, DJI has announced a new drone that brings 4K to a cheaper model. The Phantom 3 4K brings the same great camera from the Professional model, with a few minor tweaks. In order to drop the price, DJI went with a Wi-Fi downlink system rather than their Lightbridge system, found in the higher end model. That basically means that live video range and quality will be slightly worse. However, it will still record just the same.

The Phantom 3 4K comes in at $999, compared to $1,259 for the Professional model. It’s currently not available for purchase but you can learn more here.

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