CES 2016: Dish Announces Hopper 3 with 4K Support

Dish Network has officially announced their way into 4K television with the Hopper 3. During a press event at CES today, the television provider showed off their latest equipment that will provide a higher quality television experience. The Hopper 3 features 16 tuners, compared to three on the previous model. That means that you can record up to 15 shows at one and watch another show at the same time. On top of that, this new device offers 4K content recording. If you have a TV that can playback 4K, then there are a select few channels that are in 4K. Mostly the only time you’ll be able to watch live 4K is in the new Sports Bar mode. That will play back up to four streams of sports in 4K at once. Once more channels are available in 4K, the Hopper 3 will be able to record that in native resolution.

Another new thing that dish unveiled is the HopperGo. This little box can download content from the Hopper 3 and play back it’s media over a unique Wi-Fi connection. You can bring this little box on trips where there will be no Wi-Fi and can’t watch anything from the Dish Anywhere app.

The HopperGo will be available in late Q1 of this year for $99. The Hopper 3 will also be available around the same time to current and new customers. The Hopper service starts at $15 a month.

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