Apple Launches USB-C Cable Replacement Program

Apple today launched a replacement program for their USB-C charging cable. This cable shipped with the MacBook as well as models sold in the store. The cables that Apple is issuing replacements for is just the charging cable, not the adapters. According to Apple, these cables could fail due to a design issue. This may cause the MacBook not to charge or charge off and on. If you have one of these cables, look at the information written on it. The affected models say “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China”. The new models say the same thing but also have a serial number next to it.

If the MacBook was registered with Apple or was purchased online, a new cable will be shipped to you automatically. Otherwise, go to an Apple Store and they’ll replace it free of charge until June 8, 2018.


Users are now starting to get their replacement cables delivered by FedEx Ground.

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