Apple Releases Update to iOS 9.2.1

Apple has today released an update to iOS 9.2.1. Instead of releasing a new version, they have released an update to an update. The only change that Apple made was fix an issue where home button replacements done by someone other than Apple caused an iPhone to be bricked. Error 53, as it’s called when the device encounters this error, has been fixed and users that are getting unofficial home button replacements will no longer encounter this error. Apple says that this happens so that someone cannot gain access to a stolen iPhone with their own home button. However, because users weren’t happy, Apple published this update. This version is only available for devices with Touch ID. That contains the iPhone 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, iPad mini 3, mini 4, Air 2, and Pro. It’s not available over the air and is intended for people who have had their device bricked because of changing the home button. Instead, you have to go to iTunes on a Mac or PC and download the update there.

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