Siri to Come with OS X 10.12

Apple is planning on adding Siri to OS X 10.12, says 9to5Mac. Rumors say that Apple has been in the works with this for three years. We’ve all been anxiously waiting for Siri to one to OS X since Mevericks. However, we’ve never seen it. Now, it seems like it will finally arrive with OS X 10.12 in June. 

According to 9to5Mac, Siri will live in the menu bar and can also be summoned with a keyboard shortcut. We’re expecting it to do all of the same things as the one for iOS. That includes sending messages, opening apps, creating reminders, and more. When the computer is charging we will also see the ability to pull it up with the “Hey, Siri” voice command. 

Siri is expected to be the biggest feature of OS X 10.12 and we’re not expecting to see a lot of new features. There isn’t going to be nearly as many new features as Yosemite and will likely see other minor improvements. 

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