iPhone SE Box Leaked in New Photos

A picture of a box supposedly for the iPhone SE has been shown in new photos. This was shared on the website Weibo. According to the site, this is the box for the iPhone SE. If it is true, then this tells us a lot about the upcoming phone. First, we’ll have a base capacity of 16GB. This also confirms that the device is in fact called the “iPhone SE”. Like other rumors stated, we get NFC for Apple Pay. The box tells us that it comes with EarPods and a Lightning cable. That means that it still has a headphone jack and the same power connector. 

That’s all of the info that we can see from the back of the box. This very well could be fake, but if it isn’t then we now know a lot more about the device. 

The iPhone SE is expected to be announced Monday during Apple’s media event. We’ll be having full coverage of the event and will let you know about everything that happens. 

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