9.7-Inch iPad Pro to Start at $599

With Apple’s media event only days away, rumors are starting to ramp up about the upcoming iPad. Some are thinking that it may adopt a new name, such as the iPad Pro. We’re not really sure what the name will be, but most are sure it won’t be the iPad Air 3. This iPad is suppose to have four speakers like the iPad Pro, as well as a Smart Connector for a keyboard. 

Today something new that we’re learning is the price. According to 9to5Mac, it will start at $599 for a base capacity of 32GB. That’s the base size of the iPad Pro, which costs $200 more. It’s also rumored to come in a 128GB size. That is also going to be the only version available in LTE. 

We’re not sure why Apple would want to make another iPad Pro, but all will be revealed on Monday. And of course, we’ll have coverage right here. 

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