Apple Shares 8 New Apple Watch Ads

With the Apple Watch on the back burner for a little while now, Apple decided to advertise for it a little more. Now, in eight new TV ads potential customers learn some of the key features of the aging smart watch.

In “Chase”, “Row”, “Golf”, and “Climb” the ads highlight the fitness features of the watch. It focuses on goals and workouts and how you can use it to be more active.

“Find” features the Find my iPhone button, allowing you to locate your misplaced iPhone with a sound. “Swap” focuses on the watch itself, rather than some things you can do with it. They show how you can swap out the band depending on the occasion.

“Surprise” highlights notifications and how you can use certain apps to perform actions, such as turning off the lights. Finally, “Rain” also focuses on notifications, giving you information on when it’ll rain so you’ll be ready.

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