Next Version of OS X Could be Called MacOS

Apple’s been following the same naming scheme for their operating systems for a while now. Their operating systems for the Apple Watch and Apple TV have followed the same naming scheme as iOS. watchOS and tvOS have the name of the device in the front and OS in the end. However, OS X doesn’t follow that same naming scheme.

Today, in an enviromental report FAQ, Apple refers to the Mac’s operating system as MacOS, rather than OS X. If you’re an old Apple fan, you may remember that before OS X the operating system was called Mac OS. Now, our next Mac operating system update could bring back that old name, just without the space.

If Apple is going to release MacOS we’ll learn everything about it at WWDC this June. If they’re planning on doing a big name change like this then we’re sure to see some pretty big changes to the interface as well. We’re not sure what will be new, but some are expcting to see Siri come to the Mac.

Source: 9to5Mac

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