Apple Shares Earth Day Ads

Apple has today shared two new TV ads for Earth Day. Those ads are called “Siri and Liam” and “Renewable Energy”. 

In “Siri and Liam”, Siri asks Liam what he is doing for Earth Day. When the robot gets ready to deconstruct the device she suggests getting organic smoothies instead. At the end of the ad it tells you to ask Siri about Liam. Liam was introduced back at the media event a month ago. This is a robot that deconstructs old devices and pull out all of the precious metals that can be reused. 

In “Renewable Energy”, it talks about how Apple’s data center is powered by all renewable energy. This ad takes place in the Messages app and uses text and emojis to teach it to you. 

Since today is Earth Day, Apple decided to launch the ads now. Apple has been working on improving their environmental status and doing everything that they can lately to use only renewable energy. During their media event a month ago, they talked about how they’re using almost all renewable energy. 

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