T-Mobile Un-Carrier 11 Recap

T-Mobile today held their 11th Un-Carrier event. During this event they focused on three main things. All of these are perks and things to make using T-Mobile even better. 

First, they announced T-Mobile Tuesdays. This is a new program where customers can tune in to the app every Tuesday to get free perks. Some of those include free food, movie tickets, ride sharing discounts, giveaways, and more. Tomorrow is the first day for the service. Tomorrow’s perk is a free frostie from Wendy’s and ability enter for a free movie ticket to Warcraft. 

The second thing they announced was free in-flight Wi-Fi. On domestic flights, users can get a free hour of use on GoGo In-Flight Wi-Fi. 

Finally, T-Mobile is now going to start giving out stock to customers. You’ll get one share if you switch from another carrier and one more for every customer you refer. If you’ve been with T-Mobile for over 5 years, you’ll get two shares per referral, up to 100 a year. 

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