Apple Announces New Changes to the App Store

Recently Phil Schiller sat down with many publications to talk about future plans for the App Store. Recently becoming the lead manager of the App Store, has already has some big plans for it. So far he has two main improvements: subscriptions and ads. 

Previously, apps were available as a subscription to select few developers, with in-app purchases. However, Schiller wants to open the ability to sell apps via subscription only to all developers. This means that instead of paying for an app once, users can pay a flat fee once per month or year. This seems like a great idea to certain types of apps, but others it might not be worth it. 

Apple currently takes around 20% of regular app sales. However, with this subscription model, they will take 30% of sales per subscription payment. 

The second new thing that he wants to add into the App Store is ads. Schiller wants to improve search and discovery by allowing developers to create ads. This is similar to how Google does search ads. If you search for something they’ll show you ads similar to what you were originally looking for. Again, people are having miked feels about now being targeted with ads by Apple, but is a way to get your apps known. 

One smaller thing that he talked about was the top charts. Currently on the Apple TV, in the top charts you will not see apps that you have already installed. Schiller said that he wants to do the same thing for the iOS App Store. 

The ads program will roll out in beta to select developers on Monday and the subscription program will come out in the fall. We can expect to learn more about this at WWDC next week. 

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