WWDC 2016 Recap: iOS 10

For it’s tenth birthday, Apple announced 10 new features to iOS 10. They mainly focused on improvements and redesigning some apps. We don’t see any major design changes and everything mainly looks the same.

First, the lock screen has a new look. Notifications have much more information and you can view a lot more without acting upon it. From the notification, you can use quick actions and, with messages, reply from there. That’s nothing new, but now you can use 3D Touch actions if supported and even view the entire message thread without unlocking the device. One thing that they wanted to talk about is how with the iPhone 6s you barely even see the lock screen. That’s why now the phone will wake when it is lifted up.

Control Center as well as the Siri Suggestions page saw some design tweaks. There’s new icons in Control Center and even looks simpler. With Siri Suggestions, the sections are more broken apart and now app widgets will appear there.

The Photos app will now allow you to search through pictures using face recognition technology that was added. You can also search through locations and events. Somehow the app is now smart enough to know what the event is. You can also do some simple video editing by adding music.

Maps now focuses on finding locations. You can find locations easier and even see stops along your route, such as a gas station. Other minor changes include the ability to pan and zoom while in directions, and a cleaner UI and traffic view. Maps is now open to developers to make apps for.

Apple was really excited about the new Apple Music app. While it has the same tabs as before pretty much, it’s easier to find what you want to listen to and has a simple interface. There’s really nothing much new. It just looks different. Oh, and it appears as if the Connect feature is dead.

Following the theme of redesigns, the News app has a new look. On the iPad, it will have a newspaper look. They also added the ability to have subscriptions right in the app, like Newsstand.

Like many rumors stated, Apple now added a HomeKit app, called Home. This will allow you to control all of your HomeKit devices without having to use Siri. It groups everything together and is something that should have been added a long time ago.

One thing that no one expected was Phone improvements. Voicemails will now be transcribed to text so you can read it rather than listen. There’s also enhanced contact cards as well as VoIP API for developers

The final thing that Apple spent a ton of time on was Messages. There’s a ton of new features that the app should have had a long time ago. There’s now rich links. If someone sends a link, you can view the page before opening it. This also works for videos. It can play the video inline without having to open it. This also works for something like Apple Music. You can play the music right from the messages app. If you send an emoji, they’ll now be 3X larger. The keyboard will also now predict emojis if you’d rather have that than a word. If there is a word that has an emoji, the word will be highlighted and you can replace it with an emoji. Like Google announced a few weeks ago, you can send a message with larger or small font and it can be “popped” to make it normal size again. You can also send the message invisible and it has to be popped in order to view it. Now to send a quick reply, you can tap and hold on the message to send a “Tapback”. Some of the default things include a thumbs up or down, heart, and more. The final thing new with the Messages app is the App Store. Apps that support Messages will show up under an app section. Then, you can access things like their custom emojis or stickers.

iOS 10 will be available to the public this fall. Developers can download it today. It supports iPhone 5 and newer, iPad 2 or higher, and iPod Touch 5 or newer. You can learn more about iOS 10 here.

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