WWDC 2016 Recap: macOS Sierra

Like many rumors suggested, the new name of the Mac’s operating system is called “macOS”. They said that it fits with all of the other names (iOS, tvOS, watchOS). It’s a huge change and will be a little hard to remember, but it does make sense that it will fit with all of the other names. This version of OS X macOS is called “Sierra”. It features some rather small, but important and pretty awesome changes that focuses on the cloud and continuity.

First, we see auto unlock. If your iPhone or Apple Watch is nearby, you will not need to enter in the password. We’ve seen something like this before from other companies, but this is Apple’s attempt at it and comes built-in.

There’s also a universal clipboard between iOS and macOS. If you copy something on your iPhone, you can paste it on your Mac and vice versa.

iCloud Drive is something that Apple focused on a lot as well. Not only will the documents that you upload be there, but every document on your Mac will show up on other Macs as well as your iOS device.

Optimized storage is a new feature that will automatically trash things that aren’t needed. Those include Safari cache, old messages, and some other things that you won’t need. It won’t delete your files. Just things that aren’t needed and take up some space.

Like many rumors suggested, Apple Pay is now in the web. If a website supports it, you can click the button to pay with Apple Pay. Then, you can approve the payment and use the card info on your Apple Watch or iPhone. It’s a really cool feature and will make buying things a lot easier.

And lastly, we got Siri. It’s basically the same thing as on iOS. However, there are some special features just for the Mac. On top of the traditional iOS features, Siri can look up files and even pin those files to the Notification Center. To start Siri, you can use the voice command or the dock icon.

macOS Sierra will launch this fall and is available for testing right now by developers. You can learn more about it here.

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