WWDC 2016 Recap: tvOS 10

Apple spent a little time on the Apple TV today, providing information on a few updates. Version 10 features some pretty small updates and doesn’t quite seem worthy of a whole new version, but there are some nice changes. A lot or not, here’s what’s new with tvOS 10.

Many users have requested this and Apple finally announced an update to the Remote app. Now, it brings on the same design as the Siri Remote. Now, you can use Siri, type, and use the trackpad right from your iPhone.

Next, Siri can access the content of more apps, like YouTube. Other minor changes to the OS include a dark mode, automatic downloads if you got an app on your phone that supports tvOS, and single sign-on. This allows you to sign in to a service and TV provider once and all of the other apps will notice that. It will make setting up apps a lot faster and easier.

This new version of tvOS will come out to the public in the fall. It’s available to developers right now. You can learn more here.

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