Apple Launches iOS 10 and macOS Sierra Public Betas

Apple has today launched the public betas for iOS 10 and macOS Sierra. This comes two days after seeding the second beta of these operating systems to developers. This now means that the public will be able to install iOS 10 and macOS Sierra on their personal devices. Apple does, however, recommend that it be put on a secondary device as there are bugs that could cause problems. If you have signed up for the public beta, you should be getting an email soon telling you how to install it on your device. If you are not yet signed up for the public beta you must do so here first.

One thing to note is that the public will not get updates as often as developers. Over the course of the summer the public may only get 5 betas where developers could get 9 or 10. This is to ensure that you don’t get an update that could possibly break the device. The betas released to the public will also be less buggy and more reliable.

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