Apple Trademarks Name ‘AirPods’

According to a new trademark filing made by Apple, a pair of wireless EarPods could be in the works. A few days ago we reported that Apple may be making a pair of Lightning EarPods. Now according to this, they could also be making a wireless pair of AirPods.

On the trademark application, it’s signed by Jonathan Brown. Supposedly he is the manager for Entertainment In Flight LLC. Apple employs someone by the same name as one of their attorneys. If this is in fact Apple’s employee, it’s not uncommon to have some other company take care of the trademarks. Entertainment In Flight LLC could just be a cover company so no one suspects what might be happening. This has been done the same way before with the iPad and CarPlay names.

Wireless earbuds can be very small and users might be able to easily lose them. Since Bluetooth or AirPlay technology is expensive we’re all hoping that Apple includes Lightning ones and then decided to also sell the AirPods on the side.

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