Next MacBook Pro to Include Touch ID and OLED Bar

It’s been a long time since Apple updated the MacBook Pro, much less include some major changes. Now that all seems to be changing as new rumors surface that it may include Touch ID. Photos showing the top case for the MacBook Pro show space where Touch ID might exist. Strangely, it might be in the power button. Having it in this location could allow the computer to unlock when it is being powered on and you could even wake up the computer from the same location. With Apple Pay coming to websites in macOS Sierra, Touch ID could also be used to authenticate purchases.

Previously there were also rumors of an OLED touch bar coming above the keyboard. This could bring all of the menu icons at the top of the screen such as Spotlight, Wi-Fi, time and date, notification center, media controls, and more. This would allow you to have more screen space and also finally get a (small) touch screen on a Mac.

This new MacBook Pro is expected to launch this fall alongside the iPhone 7. Pricing is likely going to stay the same as the current models. Some other possible changes could be a USB-C port and MacBook-style keys.

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