Photos Show Fake iPhone 6 SE Packaging

New photos surfaced online today showing what is claimed to be packaging for the iPhone 6 SE. These images have been picked up by many websites. However, as we kept getting a better and closer look at the box it seems like some of the information is off.

iPhone 6 SE Box Back.jpg

First, all of the pictures that we’ve gotten had something covering the specs and other info on the back of the box. Second, the one picture that we did get of the back, the name and other info have been Photoshopped. There is no space between the number and name: iPhone6 SE.

According to sources, Apple is not working on an iPhone 6 SE. They’re right now focusing on the iPhone 7. Plus, SE stands for Special Edition. This, we’re not sure they’re even going to make another model of the iPhone SE.

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