iPhone 7 May Come in a Fifth Color

Over the past few months there were rumors that Apple may introduce a new, fifth color to the iPhone 7. Now, new images obtained by Mac Otakara show the SIM trays for what they claim is all of the iPhone 7 models. Previously the fifth color was thought to be a dark blue color. Then rumors changed to a slate color like the iPhone 5. Now, according to this picture, the fifth color may be a glossy black.

We see all of the usually colors of the iPhone. There’s gold, rose gold, space gray, and silver. However, the one that’s new is a glossy black color. It’s said to be similar to the color of the 2013 Mac Pro. The Mac Pro has a glossy black color that when in light, looks like more of a gunmetal gray color.

Apple announced that their next media event will be on September 7th. That is likely the date of when we’ll see the new iPhones and other devices. We’ll just have to wait until that date to know for sure what colors we get.

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