iPhone 7 Plus Packaging Confirms Lightning EarPods and Adapter

A photo claiming to show the back of the iPhone 7 Plus box has surfaced today. It reveals some specs on the phone as well as what is included in the box. This image was shared on Chinese site Weibo. At the top we see that it is a 256GB model. There were many rumors about whether we’d get an iPhone with that capacity, after Apple announced that size in their iPads.

We also see some other specs like its Wi-Fi and GSM certifications, but what’s most interesting is the section regarding what’s in the box. In the list we see our normal accessories, but there are two things that didn’t come with the iPhone 6s. First, we see “EarPods with Lightning Connector”. There were many rumors as to whether Apple would include Lightning models, the old 3.5mm model, no EarPods, or Bluetooth ones.

We also knew that if Apple removed the headphone jack, they would most certainly offer an adapter. However, it seems like they’re being somewhat generous and offering a free “Lightning to Headphone Jack Adapter” included right in the box.

Not only does this packaging offer some insight as to what we’ll get in the box, but it also pretty much confirms that the headphone jack is history on the iPhone 7. Apple’s next event is scheduled for September 7th. That is the date of when they will announce the iPhone 7 as well as some other new technology.

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