Apple Watch 2 to Feature Thinner Display and Larger Battery

Byte, a shop that sells Apple accessories and repair parts, has shared a video and photos of what they claim is the Apple Watch 2. They’ve got the Force Touch panel, display, and battery, and compare those to the ones from the first generation Apple Watch. First, the display of the Apple Watch 2 (pictured on the left) looks much thinner than the display on the right. This could be one of the few changes Apple is making in their second generation watch. The overall body could be smaller and the watch thinner. They’ve also got the Force Touch panel. It’s overall a little smaller than the one for the current watch with some pin placement different, but everything looks pretty similar. Finally, the battery is about the same size. However, the ratings for them are different. The one for the Apple Watch 2 is rated for 1.28 watt-hours. If correct, the 42mm Apple Watch 2 could have a 334 mAh battery, 35.7% larger than the one on the current Apple Watch.

Apple’s next event is going to be on September 7th. That is when we’re going to see the iPhone 7 and very well the Apple Watch 2. All that we know so far about the watch is that it is going to feature better GPS and fitness tracking. Now according to this, it may also have a bigger battery and thinner display.

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