DJI Launches Smartphone Gimbal ‘Osmo Mobile’

Drone maker DJI today announced yet another product using their famous gimbal technology. The Osmo Mobile takes the same features of their Osmo 4K camera and just gets rid of the camera part. This $300 smartphone accessory gives you a 3-axis gimbal with controls to get panning and tilting shots. There are also several different buttons on the gimbal that allow you to do things like start/stop recording, take a picture, and more.

Video will be recorded in the DJI Go app. The app allows you to do things like live stream to YouTube, record panning time-lapse videos, make a panorama, and more.

The Osmo Mobile is available starting today and will ship in 3-5 days. Pricing starts at $299, however you can also get other packages that include different accessories for an additional price. You can learn more here.

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