Media Event Recap: Apple Watch 2

Another device that Apple announced alongside the iPhone 7 was finally, a new Apple Watch. Announced over two years ago, the Apple Watch is long overdue and in need of an update. As expected, there is only a few minor improvements and nothing major. The overall design is exactly the same as the first generation model. We find a dedicated GPS integrated, water proofing up to 50m, new S2 chip with 2x better graphics and processor performance, and a brighter display.

Like the first generation, the second generation comes in a few different models. There’s the sport model with an aluminum case, as well as a stainless steel model. However, there is also a new Ceramic body. It comes in a pearl white and is 4x harder. The Apple Watch 2 will be available for pre-order September and launch late October. Pricing starts at $369.

We also get a new Nike+ model that has a Nike band and some custom watch faces. Pricing for that is the same. Finally, the first generation Apple Watch stays available, however that now has the same S2 chip. Pricing for that now starts at $269.

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