Apple Watch Series 2 Thicker and Heavier than First Generation

With the Apple Watch Series 2, most all of the changes were internal and there were no major design changes. In fact, it looks exactly the same as the first generation. However, we’re now seeing specs about Series 2 and getting information about its thickness and weight. According to leaked parts we wrote about a week ago, it seemed as if the Apple Watch 2 would be thinner. But, according to these specs, it’s slightly heavier and thicker than the Apple Watch 1.

The first generation Apple Watch came in at 10.5mm thick, where the Series 2 is 11.4mm thick. It’s a small .9mm difference, but it’s still a little thicker. The 42mm first gen watch weighs 30g, where the second gen comes in at 34.2g, a difference of 4.2g. There is also a difference of 3.2g in the 38mm version.

None of these changes are huge, but we were all expecting it to be a little thinner. This change is likely due to the larger battery placed in the new models. This will allow it to have a slightly longer battery life and may even last two days for some.

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