iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2 Pre-Orders Start

At 12 this morning, Apple started pre-orders for the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2. They’re both available right now on their website for order. As of now, the shipping times are starting to drop. It didn’t take too long before the September 16 arrival date went to 2-3 weeks. Some are now even shipping in November. The Apple Watch Series 2 will also be delivered in a few weeks. Those that ordered at midnight were able to get the new watches delivered on the 16th or within 6-8 days.

The iPhone 7 will launch on September 16th and be available in stores that day. Those that ordered it early would get it that day as well. Some Apple Watch Series 2 models may be available in stores, but others may not. It depends on which one it is.

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