Apple Stores Removing Security Tethers from iPhones

If you walk into an Apple Store and pick up an iPhone, you’ll notice that there is a little bump on the back of the device. That it the security tether that will prevent you from stealing the device. Now, Apple is starting to remove those from iPhones. According to sources, Apple is willing to take the risk of losing device so you can see the device without having a bump on the back, getting a feel of it in your pocket, and being able to put a case on it.

This is increasing the risk that someone could just put the device in their pocket and walk out. However, Apple has been increasing security in their stores as well as installing cameras. So if you don’t get caught, the device will be locked via Find my iPhone and will be rendered useless.

Right now Apple is testing this out in a few stores in different countries but expect to expand that to more stores soon. This tethering act is only being done on iPhones right now. iPads and larger things like MacBooks still have a tether on them, as we don’t expect Apple to remove those any time soon.

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