Nike+ Apple Watch Launching October 28

Apple has quietly updated their website today with an official launch date of the Nike+ Apple Watch. This was announced alongside the Series 2 a month ago. However, when the new models launched, the Nike+ one didn’t. Now, according to Apple’s website, it will launch October 28.

The Nike+ Apple Watch adds a few additional benefits over the normal one. First, you get a special band that isn’t found on the other models. Next, it comes with the Nike+ app built-in. It also includes with some watch faces that were designed by Nike for use on the watch.

If you order one today, it will not arrive until November. However, you might be able to get one in store when it launches on the 28th. The Nike+ Apple Watch comes in 4 different models. 2 with a Space Gray case and two with a silver case. They each have different colored bands. You can pick them up in either 38mm or 42mm. You can learn more here.

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