Pictures in macOS Reveal New MacBook Pro

It’s official; this is the new MacBook Pro. Earlier today we reported that users found assets for a virtual keyboard that did not feature a quick access toolbar. Now, Apple Pay photos found within the latest version of macOS 10.12.1 show a MacBook Pro with a black bar at the top of the keyboard. It looks nothing like what we have seen before and is most likely the new MacBook Pro. According to recent filings by Apple, that OLED touch panel will be called the “Magic Toolbar”. Another picture shows someone purchasing a item online using Apple Pay. As you can see, the bar lights up with different icons and most notably, there is Touch ID. With the inclusion of Touch ID on the MacBook Pro, you will most likely be able to authenticate purchases as well as unlock the computer.
Apple’s event where we expect to see this new computer is this Thursday. We’re unsure of when it might launch or be available for pre-order, but we’ll learn all of that in just a few short days.

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