Apple Announces New MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

As we all expected, Apple today showed off their new MacBook Pro. The main features of the new computer include Touch ID, a Touch Bar, as well as some new colors. Touch ID is the least neat feature of this totally redesigned computer. You can scan your finger by placing it on the power button, which is on the right side of the Touch Bar. It’ll unlock your Mac and you can also verify Apple Pay purchases with it. Another neat feature that you can do with the Touch ID is change accounts just by scanning a finger. If you’re signed in on one account, someone else can scan their finger while still in your account and switch to theirs.

There is also a new touchscreen at the top of the keyboard, It’s a multi touch retina display called Touch Bar. By default it has all of the functions that you had before, like media playback, volume adjustments, and screen brightness. However, the content of the bar will change based on what app you’re in. For example, if you’re using Final Cut Pro X, you will get different editing features, and if you’re in Photoshop you can get access to quick tools like select and move. All of Apple’s own apps take advantage of this. If you’re typing in Pages, you get word suggestions just like on iOS, and in Messages you get emoji predictions as well as quick access to Tapback. One interesting note with the Touch Bar is that it replaces the right click. In fact, right clicking on the new MacBook Pro is disabled by default. Apple really wants you to be using the Touch Bar instead.

Other changes that we saw to the new MacBook Pro include colors. It is still available in silver, but you can now also get it in space gray. The trackpad is 2 times larger so you can have a bigger surface to work with. We also see a brighter display, thinner body and display, lighter build, faster SSD, and better performance in graphics and processing. The keyboard now has a new mechanism. It is using the butterfly keys from the MacBook. However, this is the second generation butterfly mechanism, which means there are a few changes. Rejoice, because there is headphone jack. However, we got a bunch of new ports. First of all, our time with the SD card slot is over. That’s now gone. We also get 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports which also support USB-C. That replaces just about every other port on the computer, which means no more MagSafe or regular size USB.

The new MacBooks are available for order start today and will ship in 2-3 weeks. Apple is also offering a 13-inch model without Touch ID and the Touch Bar for less money. That one is available in stores today. Pricing for the low end MacBook Pro starts at $1,499. The 13-inch model with a Touch Bar start at $1,799 and the 15-inch model starts at $2,399.

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