Apple Seeds First Beta of iOS 10.2

Apple has today seeded the first beta of iOS 10.2. We see this the same day as the launch of iOS 10.1.1 and one week after the launch of iOS 10.1. This is Apple’s second major update to iOS 10 so far. As of now, we’re unsure what’s new. It’s only been out for a few minutes, so once we get it all installed we’ll update this post with more info.
To get this version, developers can go to the Apple Developer Center and find it under the downloads page. You can also put the profile on your device to download the update over the air.


– We see some new wallpapers that were first seen at Apple’s “Hello Again” Mac event.

– There is now a widget for the videos app

– Unicode emojis are new included with this version

– There’s a new option in the Settings app under Camera that will allow you to keep current filter, camera options, and Live Photo settings each time the Camera app is opened.

– There is a new feature that will allow you to have emergency contacts altered after you use SOS mode.

– Apple Music playlist sorting has been tweaked. 

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